LemonAid Ginger (organic) 20 x 33cl

LemonAid Ginger (organic) 20 x 33cl

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LemonAid Ginger (organic) 20 x 33cl

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Glas (disposable) 20 x 33cl



LemonAid Ginger (organic) 20 x 33cl

Glas (disposable)
20 x 33cl

All the ingredients are organically grown and come from small farmer cooperatives from South America.
Cane sugar from Paraguay
- Fairtrade of course

The cane sugar originates from the cooperative ASOCAZE in Paraguay. In the region Guarambaré, just outside the capital Asuncion, about 200 sugar cane farmers have joined forces in a co-op, to participate in the Fairtrade system eight years ago.

They have achieved stable prices for themselves and can support their families in the long term for themselves with their businesses. Through Fairtrade premiums a social fund is financed for local health and social projects.

In the past, among other things they've managed to build a municipal dental practice to benefit more than 800 people who would otherwise have little access to medical care.

Lime from Brazil

— from sour fruit, not sour farmers

Only the best ingredients - nothing artificial

— No chemical additives, no shenanigans




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