Monin Rohrzucker Sirup

Monin Rohrzucker Sirup

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Monin Rohrzucker Sirup

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Monin Rohrzucker Sirup

Glas 70cl

The sight of lush green sugarcane fields swaying
in the breeze of a faraway Caribbean island
is a vision of paradise. Cane sugar is derived
from the sugarcane and harvested under
the warm sunshine.
MONIN is proud to offer MONIN Pure Cane Sugar
syrup, a premium simple syrup made from 100%
pure cane sugar and filtered water. MONIN Pure
Cane Sugar syrup is a great substitute for regular
sugar as it dissolves instantly in hot and even in
chilled beverages, for incredible versatility
in non alcoholic beverages and cocktails alike.
Its aromatic power ensures an economic
and tasty use.

Sweet powdered sugar taste, no smell.
Teas, smoothies, cocktails,
fruit punches.

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